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Keimyung Medical Journal 1988;7(2):360-366.
Pseudocholinesterase Activity and Its Clinical Significance in Patients with Acute Organophosphate poisoning
급성 유기인제 중독환자의 혈청 Cholinesterase 활성도와 임상적인 의의에 관하여
이경민; 전동석; 김재룡; 박승국; 김윤년; 윤덕구
To study the pseudocholinesterase activity and its clinical significance in patients with acute organophosphate poisoning; Authors checked the serum cholinesterase activity in 49 normal subjects and 31 acute organophosphate poisoned patients. The results were followings. 1. The mean pseudocholinesterase activity of normal subjects was 1271 IU/L in male and 1131 IU/L in female. The total mean cholinesterase activity was 1209 IU/L. 2. The pseudocholinesterase activity of patients were significantly reduced compare to normal. 22 patientsC73%) were below 10% of normal; 6 patients(20%) were between 10?20% of normal and only 2 patients (7%) were between 20?50% of normal. 3. As a whole there was more depressed cholinesterase activity in patients with comatous and drowsy mentality than alert mentality; but there was no statistically significant difference between three groups. 4. The pseudocholinesterase activity in patients with respiratory failure was more depressed than without respiratory failure; but there was no statistically significant difference presented. 5. The mean arterial blood gas checked on arrival was pH 7.386; Pa02 66mmHg; PaC02 38mmHg 02 Saturation 91%. There was noted no statistically significant correlation between pseudocholinesterase activity and these parameters. 6. The pseudocholinesterase activity on the 1st day of admission was 5.7% of normal and progressively increased during admission. On the 14th day of admission; the pseudocholinesterase activity was 35. 5% of normal and it takes 20 days to reach 50% of normal. Authors concluded that serum cholinesterase activity of acute organophosporus poisoned patients were markedly depressed and progressively increased during admission. As a whole the pseudocholinesterase activity seemed to be related to the clinical findings but no statistically significant difference was found.
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