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Keimyung Medical Journal 1986;5(2):212-217.
Clinical and electron microscopic observation of Dupuytren’s contracture
Dupuytren구축의 임상 및 전자현미경학적 관찰
유경재; 강창수
Dupuytren's contracture is characterized by progressive fibroplasia and contracture of palmar fasica with resultant deformity of hands and fingers. Recently it has been shown that the cellular element, called myofibroblast, contributes significantly to the process of contracture. Among the 6 patients we have seen during the last few years, there were a total of 9 hands with Dupuytren's contracture. Seven of these were treated by a partial fasciectomy or by a dermofasciectomy with a full thickness skin graft and the results of these two procedure were compared. The results of dermofasciectomy with full thickness skin graft are better than those of partial fasciectomy, and no local recurrences in the operative site after dermofasciectomy with full thickness skin graft. Electron microscopic studies were done to both fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells in 3 them.

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