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Keimyung Medical Journal 1986;5(2):188-199.
Influences of Dexamethasone, Dopamine arid Chlorpromazine on the Changes of Plasma Corticosterone and Blood Sugar Levels induced by Metoclopramide in Mice
Metoclopramide에 의한 혈장 Corticosterone과 혈당치변동에 대한 Dexamethasone; Dopamine 및 Chlorpromazine의 영향
Metoclopramide have dopaminergic antagonism, vholiitergic properties and antiemetic effect so on. In this paper, actions of rnetoclopramide on the changcs ol' plasma corticosterone and blood ;-rj^ar level, and influences of dexamethasone, dopamine and chlorpromazine on [liose level induced by metoclopramide were studied in iiiice. The results obtained were summarized as follows; 1. The plasma corticostcronc level was significantly increased by nietoclopraniide (2h m,니g, 40 mg/kg and 60 mg/kg), l>ui not affected hy dopamine ( 5 rng/k(u:), (.hlm-j)r(miazine (40 nig/kg; :!nd dexamethasone (0.5 mg/kg), respect ively. 2. The metoclopramide (20 mg/kg, 40 m^/ks and 60 mg/kg) ? induced jjicreasc of plasma t oi'iicos-terone level was significantly inhibiled hy v nietodopramidr f't'j(> niij/'ki'-)- dopj-iniine ana cnlorpro-mazine. 5. The metoclopraniide (60 mg/kg)-induced incrcusc of bloo(i sugar k、ve! was not affected hy dopamine, but significantly increased by dexamethasone and chlorpromazine. 6. The dopamine or chlorpromapnnc-induced increase of Mood s 니낙-;니- level \'as not a f fee led hy dexamethasone. The above results suggest that the mctoclopramidc-induccd increase of plasma cot.ticosicrone level is due to mainly dopaminergic antagonism and partly cHVct of ACTIT on the adrenal cortex. But, interrelationships between changes of plasma corjicosterono and hlnoci sugar level induced by metoclopramide were not mcaningfu!.

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