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Keimyung Medical Journal 1986;5(2):132-140.
Leucine Aminopeptidase Activity in the Regenerating Rat Liver
흰쥐 재생간의 Leucine Aminopeptidase의 활성치
문교철; 김여희; 곽춘식
Changes in the activities of the followiii^s have l)<:cn stuclicd over a period of 6 da:. 육 after partial hepatectomy in rats: Plasma irierphrane, iriitocbonclrial, nuclear and cytosolic leucine aminopeptidase and microsomal-particle bound aminopeptidase oi' the regenerating liver and serum leucine aminopeptidase. The activities of alk;ilinc phosphatase in the subcellular fractions were also measured. The activities of lcucinc aminopeptidase and alkaline phosphatase in serum markedly elevated from 12 hours to three (lays after partial hcpalectomv in rais. The activity of plasma membevano-bouiul Jeucinc ?lininofH'ptidiise in the regenerating rat liver drastically increased during the first and the third days ol the operation. And the activity of microsomal particle-bound aminopeptidase in the reueiKM-ating ]i cr si^nii'lcantly increased between the second and the third days after operation. The activities of nuclcar arid cytosolic leucine aminopeptidase in the regenerating liver showed a substantial increase at the second day and from first, to sixth day respectively after operation. However, no significant change in hepatic mitochondrial lcucinc aminopeptidase was noted throughout the experiments. The activities of plasma membrane, microsomal, mitochondrial, nuclear and cytosolic alkaline phosphatase in the regenerating liver markedly increased throughout the experiments.

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