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Volume 28(2); Dec 2009
Mutation and Expression of APC/β-Catenin/E-cadherin in Colorectal Adenocarcinoma
Yu Na Kang; Mi Sun Hwang; Hye Won Lee; Kun Young Kwon; Sang Sook Lee
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):130-143.
Prognostic Significance of Hypermethylation and Expression of p16, p21, and p53 Genes in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma
Hye Ra Jung; Sun Young Kwon; Mi Sun Choe; Yu Na Kang; Sang Pyo Kim; Kun Young Kwon; Sang Sook Lee
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):144-154.
Three-year Clinical Outcomes of Elective Percutaneous Coronary Interventions in Elderly Patients
Hong Won Shin; Chang Wook Nam; Ji Hyun Son; Yun Kyeong Cho; Hyoung Seob Park; Hyuck Jun Yoon; Hyung Seop Kim; Seung Ho Hur; Yoon Nyun Kim; Kwon Bae Kim
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):155-164.
Change in Skin Temperatures in Lumbar Sympathetic Ganglion Block Showing Three Different Contrast Spread Patterns
Ji Hee Hong; Ae Ra Kim; Chan Jin Kim; Min Ju Oh
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):174-181.
Immunohistochemical Expression of HER2 Oncoprotein in Breast Carcinoma
Hye Ra Jung; Sun Young Kwon; Yu Na Kang; Kun Young Kwon; Sang Pyo Kim; Sang Sook Lee
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):182-190.
The Features of Second Primary Cancer after Diagnosis of Colon Cancer
Sang Min Lee; Sun Kyoung Park; Hyoung Ki Lee; Ju Yeon Kim; Jin Young Kim; Young Rok Do; Keon Wook Park; Hong Suk Song
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):191-197.
Clinical Features of Double Primary Cancers of in the Stomach and the Liver
Ju Youn Kim; Sang Min Lee; Hyung Gi Lee; Jin Young Kim; Gun Wook Park; Young Rok Do; Ki Young Kwon; Hong Suk Song
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):198-206.
MR finding of inflammatory pseudotumor of the liver
Ji Yeon Jang; Mi Jeong Kim; Jung Hyeok Kwon
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):207-216.
Gene Expression by Cyanate in the Osteoblasts
Jung Hoon Seong; Eunyoung Ha; Son Jung Nam; Eun A Hwang; Sung Bae Park; Kyo Cheol Mun
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):217-224.
pAkt is a Poor Prognostic Factor for Patients with Endometrial Cancer *
Dong Yoon Nam; So Jin Shin; Sang Hoon Kwon; Soon Do Cha; Chi Heum Cho
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):225-232.
Prognostic comparison between sentinel lymph node biopsy only and axillary lymph node dissection in node negative breast cancer patients
Sun Hee Kang; Mi Sun Kim; In Ho Kim; Sun Young Kwon
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):233-240.
Clinical Features of Acute Hepatitis A during Recent 5 Years at A Single Medical Center in Daegu
Sang Yeop Kim; Min Ho Choi; Hyun Jun Kang; Sung Hyun Eum; Hyun chul Lee; Hyung Hwa Lee; Ji Yeung Seo; Yeung Sung Kim; Dong Hyup Kwak
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):249-255.
Role of Reactive Oxygen Species and Antioxidant Systems in the Pathogenesis of Otitis Media with Effusion
Deok Jun Kim; Sung Il Nam
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):263-272.
Immunohistochemical characteristics of inflammatory fibroid polyps
Yu Na Kang; Ilseon Hwang; Hye Ra Jung; Misun Choe
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):273-278.
Clinical efficiency of HPV DNA test as a screening test of cervical cancer
Ji Hae Kim; Nam Hee Ryoo; Jung Sook Ha; Dong Seok Jeon; Jae Ryong Kim; Chi Heum Cho
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):279-285.
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Breast: a Case Report with Imaging Findings
Seong Ku Woo; Hye Ra Jung
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):286-291.
Intravenous Lobular Capillary Hemangioma A Case Report
Sang Sook Lee; Ji Young Park; Kun Young Kwon
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):292-296.
Cytologic features of ascitic metastasis from a granulosa cell tumor
Ji Young Park; Hye Won Lee; Ilseon Hwang; Hye Ra Jung; Sun Young Kwon; Mi Sun Choe; Yu Na Kang; Sang Pyo Kim; Kun Young Kwon; Sang Sook Lee
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):297-302.
Warthin-like tumor variant of thyroid papillary carcinoma: A case report
Yu Na Kang; Ji Young Park; Sun Young Kwon; Sang Pyo Kim
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):303-309.
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation due to Cytomegalovirus Infection in an Immunocompetent adult
Kwi Hyun Bae; Eun Sung Choi; Hyun Ah Kim; Seong Yeol Ryu
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):310-314.
Parovarian serous borderline tumor in adolescence
Mi Sun Choe
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):315-319.
A Case of Shared Psychotic Disorder between Mother and Daughter
Sung Won Jung; Kyung Sik Kim; Ho Jun Lee
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):320-323.
A Dentigerous Cyst involved in Maxillary Sinus : A Case Report
Sang Ho Lee; Yeon Ho Park; Ki Young Nam; Sang Hee Hwang; In Sook Park; Jong Bae Kim
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):324-329.
Benign Metastasizing Leiomyoma with Cyst-like Epithelial Inclusion; Resembling Cystic and Solid Mass in Lung - A Case Report
Ilseon Hwang; Dong Yoon Keum; Hye Ra Jung; Sun Young Kwon; Mi Sun Choe; Yu Na Kang; Sang Pyo Kim; Sang Sook Lee; Kun Young Kwon
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(2):330-336.

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