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Volume 28(1); 2009
Detection of cyanate, nitrate and carbamylated proteins in the peritoneal dialysate
Hyun Chul Kim; Sung Bae Park; Sung Yeup Han; Eun A Hwang; Hye Jung Choi; Son Jung Nam; Eunyoung Ha; You Hee Kim; Kyo Cheol Mun
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):1-7.
Effect of Ezetimibe/Simvastatin and Atorvastatin with Conventional Dose on Achieving Target Low Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Goal
Dong Hwan Jun; Seung Ho Hur; In Chul Kim; Hyun Tae Kim; Yun Kyeong Cho; Chang Wook Nam; Hyung Seop Kim; Seong Wook Han; Yoon Nyun Kim; Kwon Bae Kim
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):8-16.
Gene Expression in the Renal Damage Induced by Cisplatin
Chul Min Baek; Chun Sik Kwak; Eunyoung Ha; You Hee Kim; Hye Jung Choi; Eun A Hwang; Sung Bae Park; Hyun Chul Kim; Kyo Cheol Mun
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):17-26.
Bioequivalence Study of Two Levofloxacin Formulations; Levoloxin® Tablet to Jeil Cravit® Tablet
Soo Kyung Kim; Gee Youn Kwon
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):27-34.
Cytokine Array in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease
Jung Hoon Seon; Eunyoung Ha; You Hee Kim; Hye Jung Choi; Son Jung Nam; Eun A Hwang; Sung Yeup Han; Sung Bae Park; Hyun Chul Kim; Kyo Cheol Mun
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):35-44.
Silibinin induces apoptosis in HL-60 and K562 leukemia cells
Hui Jung Jung; Won-Ki Baek
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):45-52.
Effect of Cisplatin on the Metabolism of the Reactive Oxygen Species in Kidney
Chul Min Baek; Chun Sik Kwak; Eunyoung Ha; You Hee Kim; Hye Jung Choi; Eun A Hwang; Sung Bae Park; Hyun Chul Kim; Kyo Cheol Mun
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):53-62.
Analysis of Survival Rate and Prognostic Factors in 3;720 Gastric Cancer Patients Treated with a Gastric Resection
In Ho Kim; Young Gil Son; Seung Wan Ryu; Soo Sang Sohn
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):63-74.
Disc Excision and Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion for Internal Disc Derangement - Minimal 3-Year Follow Up -
Chul Hyung Kang; Chul Hyun Cho; Su Won Jung
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):75-81.
Electrocardiographic Consideration of PR segment depression and ST segment elevation in Acute Pericarditis
Jae Cheon Jeon; Sung Won Jang; Dong Ha Lee; Sang Chan Jin; Sung Jin Kim; Woo Ik Choi
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):82-88.
The Study of Vascular Permeability in Animal Tumor Model using Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI
Kun Sik Jung; Seong Ku Woo; Sang Kwon Lee; Byung Hak Rho; Yong Min Chang
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):89-95.
Bilateral caudate nuclei infarctions following the unilateral left anterior cerebral artery occlusion
Eun Ji Chung; Gi Youn Bae; Sung ll Sohn; Hyon Ah Yi; Hyung Lee; Yong Won Cho; Jeong Geun Lim; Sang Doe Yi
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):96-99.
Ectopic Ureters in Siblings
Won Ho Jung; Hyuk Soo Chang; Kwang Sae Kim
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):100-103.
Subfrontal Schwannoma: A Case Report
Joo Hwan Kim; Byung Hak Rho; Hyuk Won Chang; Man Bin Yim; Sang Pyo Kim
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):104-109.
A case of bilateral retinal detachment in atopic dermatitis
Young Do Park; Jae We Cho; Kyu Suk Lee
Keimyung Med J. 2009;28(1):110-115.

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